Being a Father is indescribable.  And it’s life changing.  You see your legacy forming right in front of you. 

So naturally, you may have wondered “How will I provide for my family after I am gone?”

You may have googled life insurance or talked to a broker, but put it off because of the time and cost.

Turns out many Dads do just that.  We put it off – especially if there are doctor visits involved. We worry about the time and cost involved.  And so, it is not surprising that more than 70% of Americans lack adequate life insurance.

an easier way to protect your family at an affordable rate

When 2020 hit, my wife insisted that I try to get a policy quickly before rates increase. And after some digging, I came across Bestow. Their policies let you leave up to a million dollars for your kids, with some rates starting at $5/month.

What really impressed me is how quick it was. It took a bit under 5 minutes to apply and I was presented with different options.

I also liked that their plans allow you to change or cancel your plan at any time. And of course, the feeling that you are doing everything humanly possible to protect your family.


During my research into life insurance, I felt more at ease from hearing what other parents were saying about Bestow.  Here is what I found:

They have a 4.7 Rating on Trust Pilot with most customers citing some common themes:

  • What was most appealing was that Bestow does NOT require a medical exam, nor do they require access to medical records…I find disseminating this information to be highly intrusive and antiquated.”  —Jonathan
  • “My experience with Bestow could not have been better. After comparison shopping I was pleased that Bestow found coverage for me which fit my needs perfectly and saved me money.”  —Keith
  • “It was very easy to complete, making me feel like a pro. There was an adequate amount of information that really allowed me to pick the best option financially.”  —Colleen

So, if you are under the age of 54, get peace of mind with a free quote from Bestow.