Learning resources are ubiquitous and plentiful in the internet age, but our scarcest resource is time, so here are some Masterclasses that will be worth your investment in time and money (some are even free!)

1.  Masterclass.com

With nearly 50 instructors (and counting), Masterclass has some of the worlds greatest minds across disciplines that will give you a window into how they think an work, while inspiring you to take the next step in your life’s journey.  Their categories an instructors include:

  • Cooking:  By Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, Dominique Ansel, Wolfgang Puck
  • Music & Entertainment:  Christina Aguilera, Usher, Steve Martin
  • Chess:  Gary Kasparov
  • Poker:  Daniel Negreanu


One of the early pioneers in this space, they provide access to thousands of courses in business, technology, design, and other fields.   They also allow you to access their content for 10 days for free so you can test it out with no obligation!


If you are looking for someone to provide you with 1 on 1 coaching and learning, check out Tutor and see the wide range of options they provide.

More to come on this topic as we are scouring the web to provide you with insights on the best online learning options for you!