One of the toughest things for most of us these days is to get the income needed to sustain our daily life. The reality is that there are a variety fo ways to make extra money if we become a bit more creative. For example, there are lots of items that you just don’t use in your home and which can easily be sold for a good amount of money. With that in mind, there are some platforms that will help you achieve all these goals!

1.  Decluttr

Decluttr is the type of website where you can easily sell your CDs, DVDs, books, high tech items and even consoles in no time. The best thing about this platform is that it’s very easy to use, adaptable and you can get good money from it in no time. The way the system works is easy. You tell the site that you have something to sell, they will offer you a quote and then the items are sent and you get paid.
There are no auction fees, which is a good thing. And since you get paid the next day, it’s safe to say that stuff like this can work for you without that much of a problem. They have a good price promise, and you have free shipping on all orders. So there’s no need to worry about any additional costs.

Trustpilot reviews for Decluttr are very positive. Steve Bronson, for example, says that he completed 4 orders with them already and he will do more because they are very professional and reliable. In addition, other customers say it’s a very good platform for selling your phone and getting a new one with the money you receive. The risks are minimal because the platform is reliable, widely known and they do have all the paperwork and offer all the necessary help that you need. At the end that offers you the ultimate value and perspective, which in the end can be super important.
They offer coverage for both the USA and UK, with many more regions to follow. However, they are very reliable and fast in these regions, which makes them a very trustworthy team of professionals for this industry.

2. GetAround

Some people just don’t use their car as much as they want to. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to offer their car as a rental to others so that they can earn some money. That’s what GetAround does, and it delivers on that promise. It allows you to lend your car for $5 per hour. It doesn’t sound that much, but if you rent it for many hours per day for a month, you can earn quite a lot without actually doing anything.
Then there’s the fact that GetAround insures your car for each trip. They also screen drivers to ensure that they have a clean record. And the best part is that they also offer 24/7 assistance which means the safety is guaranteed and you get an astonishing value for the money in the end.
Plus, this is great for the customers too. They have lots of cars to choose from and renting a car is a whole lot easier. And not that expensive either. Since you are renting the car for money, you are always in control, and that means you can choose how many hours you rent your car that day. It’s just a very good system that works super well and which can be adjusted and modified in any way that you want.
Customers like Jean Michel Boujon are very happy with GetAround because the app is very easy to use and they can be on the road with a rental in minutes. That’s the type of service that you can get from GetAround, and it’s super efficient.
The app was created from a true need that people have to rent cars without spending a ton of money. And what can be better than offering car owners who don’t use their vehicles that much to make some money on the side? This approach does work extremely well, and it delivers on its promise in many ways.

3. Fluid market

Fluid Market offers a similar concept, although this particular time you get to lend your truck to community members. The best part is that any kind of truck is accepted here. There are no real limits. You can have a box truck, cargo van, pickup truck, car, trailer and so on. All of them can be rented to any Fluid Market user for a certain amount of money. How much can you earn per year? That depends on how many vehicles you lend, for how much time and also who you are lending them to. But there are people that got to earn around $12000 per year just from renting their vehicles. So it does make a lot of sense to use this platform.
Plus, the rental process is very efficient and the best part is that there are lockboxes on most vehicles which means you have instant access. The fact that there’s no need to wait a day or so like other services require you to do is very handy. This way you get to be in control and the experience does end up being a lot better as a result.

4. Poshmark

There are many of us which own a ton of fashion related items. If that’s the case, Poshmark lets you sell those clothes for money. The cool thing here is that you can feel free to sell those clothes for a profit if you want to. It’s a good alternative if you want to sell those clothes that you didn’t use for a year or more. With help from this platform, you get to have a much easier way of dealing with the clutter in your closet. And the best part is that thanks to Poshmark you get to adjust and adapt everything the best way that you can. You can sell as much or as little as you want.
Some people earned more than $3000 per year only via unused clothes sales, so the platform is very efficient and it can work super well for you. The idea is to know when to sell those clothes. Normally the seasonal clothes will sell very well, so try to keep that in mind. Ideally, you want to use an app like this because a lot of people find it super reliable and very trustworthy. It’s a good idea to talk with the customer and figure out if the size and every piece of info is right. This way you can iron out any potential issues that can appear!

5. truneed

TruNeed is another app that helps you rent or sell items like cars, rooms clothes or anything like that., You will get to help people nearby and earn cash by doing that. The app is very secure, and it allows you to easily sell or rent your stuff to people in the community. Everything is super easy to adjust and adapt, and the app is also very helpful when it comes to showing how everything works. That offers you an amazing value for money. You can earn at least $1000 from this in a year, even a lot more. There are no real limits, all you have to do is to find the right person that really needs your products. They have a pre

6. smiles

5miles is an amazing site for people that want to buy and sell stuff within a 5-mile radius. That means you can easily sell locally without any hassle. However, you can increase the radius up to 40 miles, which makes it even easier to sell stuff that’s hard to sell locally. As for what you can sell, it’s easy to say that just about everything can be listed on the site. From cars to furniture, electronics, parts, housing, and collectibles or jewelry, they can all be put on the site in no time.
The amount you can earn depends on how much work and commitment you put into this. But you can get at least $1000 or way more if you just sell from time to time. Again, you just have to declutter your home, and even in just a few sales, you can make hundreds of dollars if you sell some expensive items you’re not using anymore.
There are plenty of sites and apps you can use to sell or rent your unused stuff. It’s super important to focus on reviews and on reading what other people had to say about the platform before you use it. But for the most part, all these sites listed above are very reliable, trustworthy and super easy to use. That makes them some of the very best in the industry, and you should definitely check them out!