Teaching someone a skill is very important if you want our society to grow. But at the same time it can also bring in front some great benefits, because you get to be one step closer to people that actively need your help in the long run. That’s why teaching someone a skill does make a lot of sense, but you have to use the right platform for that. It’s definitely a good idea to do this, as it can help you make a lot of money if you do this right.


QKids is an online learning platform where you can teach various skills to students between 5-12 years of age. But there are some requirements here. You need a bachelor degree, you must be an US or Canadian native, you must be digitally literate and you might also want to have some previous learning experience. Angela Brumbaugh is making $20 per hour teaching this way and she is quite happy with the results. That alone goes to show the value and quality you can get from stuff like this. It may not be the simplest way to make money online, but you can share your skills and earn a good income with it.


Chegg also allows you to become a tutor online. And there are lots of topics that you can focus on, from biology to astrophysics and so on. You can get around $20 per hour, a lot of people are earning that right now and sometimes you can get even more. You need to show that you were enrolled in an university at one point. That shows them you have the skills needed to teach other people and the results can indeed be quite impressive in that perspective.


Tutor.com’s prices are lower, as an average rate you get around $9-$13 per hour. The benefit here is that there are a lot more students here, and the return on investment can be more than ok. You just need to be a college sophomore at the very least, and you must commit to 5 hours per week. It will work quite nicely for you if you start using Tutor.com, because there are tons of students that need to learn skills here. So the platform is perfect for what you need and it conveys some amazing benefits and results.


Revolution Prep is a good site for those persons that have a variety of skills they want to teach to other people. Ideally you want to explore multiple options and ideas here, and with Revolution Prep you really get to do that. You can get around $30 per hour here, so the payment is very good here. You also have eligibility for benefits, and that’s the thing that really matters the most in this perspective. The work environment here is pretty interesting and you will appreciate the value and quality delivered this way. It’s the overall experience that matters the most and the value can be second to none all the time.


TutorMe offers you constant online tutoring for 300 subjects. You can pick any of those topics and become a tutor for them, which is quite an interesting thing to be honest. But they require some previous teaching experience and a mastery of the topics that you want to teach. Simply put, they are not playing around with stuff like this, as only 4% of the applications go through. So you really need to be on top of your game if you want to be a tutor on this website, that’s for sure! The pay here is $18 per hour, which is quite good in its own right. It’s the type of site where you can get quite a lot of money and the value will be pretty impressive the more you use it.


Teaching other people how to play chess is a very good idea. It allows you to earn quite a lot of money, depending on what method you will use as an approach. The idea here is that you can go to tournaments to earn a lot of money or play at clubs. But if you want to teach people, you can do that online with a site like Wyzant. The good thing about it is that it offers you a nice way to convey the entire learning process naturally and you can become a tutor for just about everything, which is super interesting. As long as you have a skill like this, you can use the platform to earn good money. There are people that earn more than $500 per month with Wyzant, and that’s basically side income for them. You just have to push the boundaries as you try to figure out the best possible options.
Of course the site is not limited solely to this kind of stuff. There are other skills and things you can teach on the site. Basically they allow you to teach any kind of skill naturally and in a very friendly manner. You don’t really have to worry that much about payments, they are very reliable and fast when it comes to that. You just need to be the best at what you do and the results will indeed be among some of the best in that perspective!


Skillshare is a very good platform if you have lots of skills that you want to share with the community. And the best thing is that the top teachers here can earn around $40000 per year, which is super impressive and downright amazing in its own right. The idea is rather simple, you want to focus on quality and on making the teaching process as simple as possible. Once you do that, nothing will stand in your way. It will just make the experience super good for you, because you are always in control and you can adjust or adapt things the way you want without any hassle. And that on its own will be super interesting.
That being said, Skillshare does have a pretty high entry point as they do require you to maintain a consistent approach as you see fit. It works super nicely and the return on investment will be super interesting and unique in the end.


What makes Udemy great is that just about anyone can start teaching here. If you have a skill and you want to share it with people, this is the right way to do it. This provides you with a great set of results and the experience on its own can be more than ok, which is always a very good thing. That being said, there’s a lot of competition here, yet you can also make quite a lot of money from stuff like this. Some people on the platform earn thousands per month, it all comes down to what courses you create and how well you are marketing them. But the results can be super good and you will be amazed with the overall value and professionalism that you can obtain in the end, you just have to consider all the options and ideas that appear in this regard.
If you want to teach someone a skill here, you just have to pick the right category and create a course plan. Record the videos and then upload all your content to the site. The best part is that many of these courses are very comprehensive and the prices are pretty low. Which in the end is a good thing because you can adjust and adapt things to your own needs at the end of the day.


The idea here is that you can become a good teacher in no time and without any issues. Your focus has to be on value and professionalism. They have around 22000 instructors and every instructor has the potential to earn around $1000 per month without spending a lot of money. That goes to show that the value can be very good for any instructor trying to use the platform. Of course there’s a lot of competition when it comes to other instructors but as long as you refine your skills and constantly try to add new stuff to your content, the results can be more than ok all the time. Ideally you want to focus on results more than anything else. You have to realize that the best thing you can do is to take your time and create the best course that you can. Planning is important here, and you also need good equipment like quality audio tools and so on.

In conclusion, teaching someone a skill online and making a lot of money is a very good idea. It allows you to gain more leads and customers naturally, and the return on investment can be more than ok. You just have to make the right pick and figure out what option works for you the most. In the end results can be super impressive, especially since you can get paid a pretty good figure!