We’ve previously discussed how you could earn a passive income by working some side jobs to support your main income. Today we’ll be exploring more of those ideas and we’ll go further in the world of flexible jobs that can help you earn a living. These jobs are mostly self-autonomous meaning you’ll be the one who’s in charge of your operations.

Some of these jobs offer enough to be considered you main source of income and you’re looking to get away from the constraints of a 9-5 workplace, some of these options can be seriously considered. They’re flexible enough to be done even from the comfort of your home.


Working as a remote bookkeeper can earn you a pretty heft wage. Working as a bookkeeper from home can earn you $60 an house.

Businesses struggle to keep their books up to date and accurate. Online book keeping has a huge demand because of this. Businesses offer attractive wages for part time book keepers and the attractive deal is that you don’t need to be qualified in math or accounting even. Anyone can learn how to become a book keeper online and in effect work as a great book keeper as well.
Book keepers are concerned with the tasks and transactions. Book keepers are concerned with clients and day to day transactions. Book keepers keep track of the minor details of a business.
Not only do you need to keep track of the business deals, a good book keeper needs to have good people skills. Learning the theory is useful but doesn’t have a lot of application. Good keepers can solve real world problems.

The benefit of working as a bookkeeper is that you can work whenever, wherever (if you have a WiFi connection) and with whoever you choose to.

As an independent virtual bookkeeper you can also demand great rates, provided you’re good at your job! The demand for business workers is pretty high so you can find a good deal. Some virtual book keepers can earn up to $60 an hour.

The average bookkeeper working in a conventional work environment, typically working a 9-5 can earn up to $40,000 annually. Virtual book keepers can earn more while working fewer hours and eventually earn more annually.

The downside of trying to be a bookkeeper is that you first have to learn bookkeeping first. You’ll have to take several courses to learn to be good enough. On top of that, you have to keep your skill sharp and continue learning, new courses, new skills and anything the market demands. You’ll also have to spend some money buying the relevant software to start working in the first place.


Proofreaders can earn $17.50 an hour working from home. Proof reading is the job for reading pieces of text and content to find errors. Proof reading from home can earn you a pretty good side income if you read through transcripts from court rooms or from anyone who doesn’t have time but has money. Proof reading is an extremely flexible source of income since you don’t have to be anywhere specific to do the job. You can work from home or anywhere you want. You can choose who you work with and the amount of work you do will determine the amount you make.
There isn’t any specific ‘training’ you have to go through to learn how to proofread. You’ll just have to be careful and sensitive to errors within a huge piece of text. You’ll be surprised at the amount of errors you might overlook so it isn’t as easy as you’d think.
The average pay per page is 35 cents. The jobs you’ll be given will start around 50 pages to proof read and depending on your speed and efficiency, if you complete 50 pages an hour, that amounts to $17.50 per hour. Imagine have 4 or 5 jobs aligned, you can make decent pocket money.
Ensuring you focus with work and don’t get distracted while working is essential, however. Those same 50 pages can take you a whole day if you’re lazy enough. Try to finish jobs as they come and try not to pile jobs. You’ll find after reading for hours, fatigue will catch on and you’ll need a break.
It would help if you had a tablet to proofread, since you can get up real close and personal. Reading from a laptop is disadvantageous as you’ll be scanning a page from left to right whereas with a tablet you’ll catch a lot more words and errors.


TaskRabbit is a website that lets people submit odd jobs for other to perform. Doing odd jobs in real life has always been a popular trend but finding those jobs was always a hassle. You could deliver newspapers, mow someone’s lawn, and paint a fence for your neighbor but then what? How would you find enough jobs to earn an amount that was worth all the work?
Task Rabbit eliminates the chore of finding a job by lining them up for you on their app. People serious enough on Task Rabbit can earn up to $2,000 per week. Yes, you read that right, $2,000 per week.
Task Rabbit offers an array of services such as shopping for clients to construction, odd jobs. These are however the highest paid people and the average income is much lower than this. That isn’t to say you can’t earn $2000 per week.
Jobs can pay an array of wages. A client who hasn’t go the time to do a job himself can pay up to $60 an hour. If you’re willing to pick up last minute jobs, jobs that require work to be done fast and efficiently, you can see yourself earning a good amount. You’ll be doing a lot of different kinds of jobs. From picking up groceries for a client to working in an office, to the usual mowing the lawn, you should be ready to work any job that pays well.
Specialized work such as carpentry or construction can be offered on Task Rabbit as well. Being skilled at something like plumbing or electrical work can set you leagues ahead of the competition. If you already have these skills, you can find jobs that showcase them to people who might potentially hire you for further work. You can work a lot of jobs, for whoever you want, whenever you want.
There might be some issues you face however. Growth is a difficult thing that is just part of the process. You’ll have to work a lot to earn enough credibility. Often you won’t be paid enough and you’ll question whether it is really worth it.

There are a lot of opportunities out there to earn a living from. These solutions can work both as a side income and as a main source of income. Being versatile enough to take the initiative in the first place start earning you some serious cash. Being able to work from home and on your own terms is something money people want but don’t know how to. Well, now you know!