Having a steady income is good but you might find that your earnings are swallowed up by bills, rent, car and phone payments.

In the end, you aren’t really left with much to actually spend on yourself. And really, that is sort of the reason you’re working in the first place, to be able to have enough income to live a good lifestyle. You want to be able to have money to pay your bills and still have enough to buy some new clothes, add to your savings and just have financial security. But if it’s because of bills or time of just exhaustion, you might not have that.

Well, today we bring you a good realistic way of increasing your income by using resources available all around you.

1.  Time And Insights Is Money

Here are some apps and websites that pay you for filling out surveys, watching videos, watching movie previews and a dozen more videos and surveys. So basically you get to do what you do at home anyways but now you’ll be paid for it. 


SwagBucks is a pretty popular free online reward point service that pays you in cash and gift cards. You’ve probably already heard of Swagbucks because they sponsor literally every YouTuber. They’re a pretty reliable website that have paid over $250 million back to its users. You earn money and points by shopping online, taking surveys and watching videos. Swagbucks is free to use and almost too easy. Some people might question its legitimacy but they’ve paid over $250 million to users since 2008 so you can trust someone who won’t keep all that money for themselves. SwagBucks does as advertised and there aren’t any hidden catches. Here are ways you earn SwagBuck Points or SBP for short: • Online Shopping: SwagBucks offers its service to over 1500 retailers including the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Target. You’ll get 10% cashback on every purchase and $1 is 10 SB points. You’ll also get coupons and exclusive deals from these dealers, for which you’ll get extra points to print and redeem. • Shop and Eat In Real Life: With the appropriate purchase at a retailer, earn up to hundreds and thousands of SB points by taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it to the website. You can get cashback if you link your credit or debit card through SwagBucks Local. • Surveys: Like any rewards site, you can take quick surveys and earn an easy 1 SB point. Some surveys also include a few jobs to edit or transcribe that earn you more SB points • Watching Videos: You can pick from the categories such as fashion, sports or music to earn the easiest SB points. You can just have the videos on in the background. • Refer to Friends: By referring to a single friend, you can earn 300 SB points Once you’ve earned enough of SB points, you can cash them in as a retailer gift card or as actual cash on Paypal. Typically, 1000 SB points means $10 but Swagbucks runs many promotions that can pay more, or give you several gift card options for a number of SB points. SwagBucks doesn’t take a lot of time and you can earn a pretty good pocket money for your time’s worth. SwagBucks is probably the most popular online rewards site and has helped out many people.


IBOTTA( I bought a) is a free coupons app that allows you to get cash back for the items you purchase. You just download the app, sign up, browse through the available rebates, shop at your in person store as you normally would and take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app. And voila, you’ll get paid. IBOTTA works at several grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores restaurants and pretty much any brand you know that’s around you. You can save up to $15 in 30 days and at the same rate you can hit up to $180 saved. IBOTTA has over 50,000 5 star reviews which speak for its validity more than anything. InboxDollars: InboxDollars is an online rewards club service that pays you with money, not reward points, for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and just browsing the internet. When you go to sign up for InboxDollars, it’s an easy non-intrusive process which for a rewards site is rare. Usually you’ll be bombarded by ads, pop-ups and several other on-screen pesky windows. This assures the legitimacy of InboxDollars in a way. You can start off by answering their free $5 sign-up bonus survey. The survey is like anything you’d find in any survey site, questions about race, age, profession, marital status, kids, degree and the works. The survey has a lot of questions and InboxDollars says it has a check policy to make sure you aren’t mindlessly answering the questions. After you’re done with this survey, you’ve earned your $5. You can’t however cash in just yet. You need to have accumulated $30 to be sent a check. To earn up to $30 dollars, or $40 to avoid a $3 processing fee, you can take surveys that offer from 50 cents for a 20 minute survey to $4.50 for surveys which are much longer. Watching videos in InboxDollars isn’t really worth your time honestly, it’s a lot of time investment for cents. You’ll be watching a lot of mind-numbing content that you’ve never heard of before. The content is more or less than 2 minutes long and is a more easy to go through than a survey but not as rewarding. You’ll however find many reviews about InboxDollars that aren’t too happy with the service, complaining it pays to less. But the fact is that they do pay and once you’re at $30 you’ll see it for yourself.

2. Sell Or Rent Your Own Belongings

You probably have valuable things lying around in your house that you can turn into a cash cow, or well, a cash cattle right now that you probably didn’t even know. Your car, you entire house, your clothes and anything that’s worth selling. Here are a few services to help you find and sell what you need.


Letgo is an intuitive app that give you the ability to sell anything you own. You can a picture of it and set a price and upload it in less than 30 seconds. The interface of the app is very pretty, looks like Pinterest on first glance and everything you need to use the app is right in front of you. Use the search bar to filter the image heavy feed you’ll see. The app recognizes what you’re selling and will automatically put it up in the listing of that category. So if there’s literally anything lying around in your house that you want to let go of, Letgo is the app you should be checking with. There will be someone sure who’s looking to buy what you’re selling because of the wide range of categories. What you make depends on what you’re selling, if it’s a car it can go to thousands but if it’s something like a smartphone or camera, you can put it up for a few hundred dollars.


We all know what Uber is, we all use Uber and it has become an integral part of our society as a ride hailing app. Uber is one of the best ways to earn a side income with little to none investment on your end. Simply take your registered car to their center to sign up and start driving. The model is pretty simple, passengers pay a booking fee and the driver is paid majority of the fee and Uber take a cut called the Service fee. You can earn “as much as you want and the more you drive, the more you’ll make” as it says on Uber’s website. Uber drivers working over 40 hours a week can earn up to $60,000 a year. That’s pretty hefty considering it’s a side job for majority of the drivers. You’ll almost never meet an Uber driver who doesn’t work a primary job that isn’t Uber. It’s a little more time investment on your part than the other ways we’ve presented but the payout is a lot more significant too.


StyleLend is a service that lets your rent out your clothes. Intriguing to say the least! StyleLend hosts a huge selection of top of the line designer styles that one can rent for a fraction of the original cost. If you own any expensive hand bags, shoes or clothes, it’s a great way to earn back the money you spent to buy the clothes in the first place. The customer service is great and you can earn up to $120 dollars on your clothes, depending on the worth and brand of it.


Airbnb is an online marketplace that lets you rent out your properties or spare rooms to guests. Airbnb take 3% commission of every booking from hosts and between 6% and 12% from guests. There goes a lot into determining the worth of a property such as a good view, a swimming pool, having appliances and the works. If you have any extra property that you won’t be using, including your own house, you can put that room or house up at Airbnb and make $7000 per year if they list their property for just seven days a month. Booking your property on Airbnb is a safe system because its peer reviewed and guests and hosts leave honest reviews for each other. Think of it like an Uber for home, where a rating really matters to the trustworthiness of a driver. There’s also a Verified ID system that links people’s profiles to their social media. The amount of money you make greatly depends on the type of property you’re putting up. If it’s just a spare room for a week, you might earn $200 dollars for that week, which still is pretty good. If you’re listing an entire house or property, with a good view in the right place you can earn thousands of dollars in a month. The average earnings for hosts on Airbns is $924 and nearly 50% of Airbnb hosts make over $500 dollars per month. Considering you’re only giving out a room or a few, that’s a significant increase in your income that you didn’t have to physically work for. Plus it’s a secure way and insured way to rent out property as well without it being a long term thing. Airbnb offers a 600,000 pound insurance in case of vandalism or theft.

3. Teach A Skill And Inspire Someone

Teaching and passing off skills online is also a pretty neat way of earning side living. There are platforms out there that help you tutor your skills to someone for a good price, here are some options to help you get started.


With it’s workplace flexibility that caters to any schedule and laid out course plans and curriculum, Qkids is an online teaching program that teaches English to kinds between the ages of 5 and 12. Reviews about Qkids rave about the pleasant treatment by the staff, the kids themselves and no planning or grading. The pay is consistent and you can expect to get from anywhere from $200 to $800 dollars. The hours are extremely flexible. You should be a native English Speaker based in the United States or Canada with a bachelor’s degree or should at least be enrolled in a university. The minimum requirement is to teach six hours a week and have the qualities any teacher should, friendliness with the student, passionate in teaching and somewhat digitally literate. There are other reviews that complain of job security, lack of benefits and early hours which are all very real problems. Anyone uncomfortable with late hours or with handling children should really give this option a thought.